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tv   Headline News  RT  June 12, 2013 11:00am-11:29am EDT

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cia whistleblower edward snowden vows to fight extradition from hong kong in his first interview since being forced into hiding or lifting the lid on a massive secret u.s. surveillance program. activists say the brutality of turkish authorities is intensifying as the prime minister gets set to meet protesters who've endured almost two weeks of heavy policing. greece shuts down its main t.v. and radio broadcasters as part of cost cutting measures thousands were sacked call it a blow to the box. seven
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pm in moscow why matt très a good to have you with us here on r t our top story in his first interview since disappearing in hong kong edward snowden is about to fight any extradition attempt the former cia worker who told the world about the huge secret u.s. surveillance program prism was speaking to a local newspaper from an unknown location u.s. lawmakers meanwhile are compiling a list of charges against him snowden admitted he gave up his family and a six figure salary to expose what the national security agency was doing stephen m. cohen executive director of the national whistleblower center says people will continue exposing secrets were guarded of any crackdown against them. like i think the government is going to charge him probably under the espionage act and they're going to try to make an example so others who have information about wrongdoing and crimes in our national security system are intimidated and don't blow the whistle setter julian assange also weighed in on this and he said stone is likely to be
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persecuted by the u.s. for many years adding to what you say your fears are let's take a listen to his comments before you respond to an amazing time. just three years after the united bradley manning revelations with bradley manning in trial and the snowden revelations come out after. i and many others had called for exactly such for relations to expose the surveillance state so i think we're winning i think that's part of a new international politic that is developing. do you think there is any kind of like i said any kind of victory to be made from any of this or do you think that it's more of a hinderance that this will add to a chilling effect on whistleblowers. i think short term there may be a chilling effect but at some point the american people need to stand up and say
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that whistleblowers need protection that the american people have a right to know if their government is committing crimes if their governments are violating the constitution if their leaders have perjured themselves to congress all of these are implicated in this case the american people have a right to know and our civil servants paid by our tax dollars have a right to blow the whistle and that's a right that we have to fight for and protect and i hope that a case like this helps to mobilize support for the change we need here in the united states among snowden's revelations of the details of a program called prism that allows u.s. security officials to see private data of virtually anyone leaked documents suggest washington is keeping a close and secret eye on europe as well especially germany and see what kind of reaction that that has received many german officials arranged by this by program some even comparing it to the notorious ministry first state security in communist
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era east germany had of the italian data protection authority pointed out that such a massive information gathering effort would never be considered legal in that country and the french socialist euro m.p. highlighted that americans had begun spying on europeans before getting permission to do so. turkey's prime minister said to meet a group of protesters in a bid to stop the ongoing unrest in the country is follows the biggest crackdown on demonstrations since they started almost two weeks ago as police stormed taksim square in istanbul over light leaving the clashes or. has the latest from the scene . where the protesters used to be where there were banners and barricades now there are tons and scores of police officers really they're all over the place on every single corner there's really heavy police presence here police trucks are actually were kind of blocking some of the squares well this of course all of this comes just twenty four hours after the square has seen an immense police presence here first the protesters who are camped out here for just a little over
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a week they were swept away by water cannons and tear gas in the early hours of the morning our crew went out to film it one of our. one of our cameraman actually sustained serious damage to his camera because it was broken by a. tear gas canister which flew right into it that's a good thing that didn't obviously hit his head but it was really close i guess the police spared no one people in wheelchairs elderly women children and there's a lot of those people that i've seen with my own eyes that were here and the first people came back for people wanted people were outraged by the fact that there was such an immense police presence and against against a much more violence so they came back out in talks to square to be dispersed by police yet again later in the evening on tuesday again and we do know at this point that there has been one confirmed death as a result of the clashes between the police and the protesters and if you think it's over while it is yet it's because some of the protesters that i've spoken to say they're going to continue to come here they're still the protesters that's over in
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gezi park and that's where it all began they were promised that police wouldn't touch them that gezi park would be left to the protest movement but that doesn't seem to be true because they are saying that police did come there yesterday and again when after they were done clearing people from taksim square they went against a park and tried to vic protesters from there we know that some tents have been knocked down and the press and the people who are in this movement they're saying we're going to come back again considering the fact that there are like i said there are literally hundreds upon hundreds of police on every single corner a new call this where we can expect some really interesting action maybe later today maybe some are but the stephan link not over. professor hussein barred two from the middle east technical university and author of thinks the government's reaction is only dividing the country even more. but is the. uprising against the wall money or intervention of to prime minister in the life of citizens
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from the right of speech to drink of all call or another for things i think the turkey is experiencing now a new trouble in five quality in political terms and the government is responsible to get out from the big but not to organize. big demonstrations like. the floor of the recount from such a very on sunday i think it is the wrong move of the government to bring one side of the society against the other side of the society it can only lead to monkey around the feet of all. we have been following events in turkey since the start of the protest our international crew was teargassed along with other demonstrators when they were caught up in the violent crackdown by latest developments online at r.t. dot com. greece's
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main t.v. and radio channels pulled off the air after the government decided to suspend all state run broadcasts to cut budgets all two hundred twenty five hundred employees lost their jobs lost already slammed the company as quote a haven of waste broadcaster a largely state funded with every greek household paying a fee regardless of whether or not they own a television large large crowds joined in protest against the decision calling the move a blow to democracy party out of six here is a social and political expert from university of the aegean thinks greece goes too far in trying to please international lenders. carry into the lunch we are witnessing is a very authoritarian they're in on the part of the greek government the decision to shut down the whole network or the greek public broadcasting system is an example of the attempts from the part of the greek government to comply with the demands of
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the european union i am mess and the troika it's not just a question of us there is a it's not just a question of recession it is also a question of democracy. setting down in the name of the sterett the overhaul of public broadcasting network. is a it is a heavy blow to democracy with an approaching presidential election in iran set for friday world powers hope they'll be some signs of a thaw over terrazas disputed nuclear program washington and the e.u. suspect it's aimed at covertly making weapons while iran insists they need it for generating power and medical purposes russia's president vladimir putin tells r.t. he has no doubt though that the states and hearing to international commitments. and use. the issue itself is complicated but not for russia russia has delivered on all of its international commitments you know that russia has constructed the nuclear plant in iran we've delivered on all of our terms and
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conditions and we're willing to go on cooperating they insist on enriching uranium themselves within the international mandates we don't see anything wrong with that as long as they keep in line with international law they should be entitled to pursue their program. exclusive interview at r.t. later today that's at nineteen thirty g.m.t. still to come this hour despite what a few decades of conflict israeli citizens don't often have anything more than a gas mask for security or a report on that still to come. and the hidden dangers of the justice system reform in the u.k. a look at plans to recruit private companies to supervise offenders who get released back into the community that and more still to come stay with us.
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thanks for staying with us twelve minutes past the hour fifty seven people arrested by british police in connection with anti g. eight protests in london tuesday. so-called carnival against capitalism didn't intend scuffles but organizers warn it's just the beginning after a standoff there lasted more than three hours police raided an occupied buildings that were being used by protesters as a makeshift headquarters one of the activists there had been jumped from the roof but was carried to safety hundreds of protesters took to the streets targeting banks hedge funds mining and oil firms in central london accusing the g eight of making the rich richer and doing nothing to end global conflict r t caught up with one of the organizers to get his take. people's message is that you know we want some real democracy back there seems to be a corporate takeover of democracy there's another name for the fascism we're very
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unhappy about the removal of ah to protest about rights to a fair trial a lot of different things of you know the new scoring or the bringing in you know there is there's a lot of things in this country people are very unhappy about these you know major . groups are trying to you know democracy basically and we need to have more transparent government we need you know to look at the whole situation the whole austerity law that's been pumped out on us it's not actually recession this is a robbery you have you know central bank to me and economies into boom and bust and people knowing about this on the scene you know. a lot of our public services and putting them into the private hands at the moment we're not being listened to in this country is that the people here. dot com as the hunger strike continues or kuantan m o barry the u.s. government is scaling back its prosecution of the camps captive saying they don't have enough evidence to bring them to trial before
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a time line of the story and more a click away. also online the world's oldest man according to guinness passes away in japan one hundred sixteen i don't know about the life of. on our website or. offenders on probation in the u.k. can sue placed under the supervision of private companies reports it's led some to accuse the government of putting cost cutting ahead of public safety the rehabilitation revolution that's what the coalition governments promised and in a bid to cut re-offending way the government's now planning to turn to private companies like us with plans to outsource a large chunk of the service by twenty fifteen that might come as a surprise to some given the less than gold standard performance of g four s. some of the lympics when they failed to deliver on promises to curiosity and the plans have been met with fierce opposition from across the public sector with many
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warnings that fall for the revolution disaster waiting to happen and we're extremely concerned about proposals to trust the secretary's proposals to privatized two thirds of the workforce two thirds of the work load put in the hands of untrained private sector providers the proposals will leave the public service with around fifty thousand but the offenders he pays the greatest risk with private and voluntary services looking up to the rest can see the contracts on a payment by results basis the fear is that placing this vital parts of the criminal justice system into the hands of private companies could be putting community at risk. there is a risk because although we have a number of prisoners who will never be released the vast majority of prisoners will be walking out of those gates behind i'm coming to. you many of the low to medium risk offenders go on to commit much more serious crimes the same called
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revolving door every offending angie's just finished his second stint. just three months after his release from prison the first time he found himself right back inside. because he said he'd been on probation before an event she then called back inside the prison what went wrong in the system what happens we're trying to frame employment right now trying to get a training scheme. and funding from the government you like and so forth now that took time to between to trust and then to analyze and to do and all that to three months why didn't i was i was i wasn't moving anywhere at a time when. it's really offending cycle the government's trying to break and they say that payment by results will innovate the system the question is the way he carries the risk if
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things don't work out at the end of the day those product companies are going to be accountable to shareholders not to the public and this will be splits in fact it will be the full it will be. if not. today. the plans of all so you can tease many in the public probation sector which won the t. thousand and eleven pushes quality foundation gold medal to excellent. public private good. at the end of the day i still appalled the idea that anybody makes any profits out of the suffering of other people in the criminal justice system. i'm afraid where we have the government insists the plant i mean even the shin at the justice system the days on the frontline a warning that this bit to cut costs could come as a very high price. on the london divison a serious
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a rebels have attacked a village in the east of the country killing more than sixty people there the violence seen as retaliation for an earlier attack by villagers this after the government troops returned control of the northern town of qusayr last week with their sights now set on recapturing aleppo recent army gains however alerted the west with france and the u.s. now seriously mulling over the idea of sending lethal aid to the opposition the arms embargo on syria was lifted last month while efforts to push both sides to peace talks continue to start is to continue to stall let's get some perspective on this from analyst at marwar coffey joining me now from london so this latest attack was against civilians is it a sign that after a big victory by government troops opposition fighters could be changing their targets. well hello the the issue is that these people are not really hiding themselves anymore they're not really hiding that reading tensions anymore and this is no from their point of view to use the full
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fledged war they're not seeing that we want democracy and less corruption and better transparent society they're saying clearly that we want to kill shiites i've seen a rally if you have a rally yesterday held in kuwait city in front of the liberties embassy. was praising the deaths of town in india is international promising more saying that he would be happy to slaughter heads himself. those who are not hiding themselves anymore as well are the western powers they are saying basically that you know they're not saying anymore that they want to. progress democracy and human rights in syria they are seeing clearly that they want to defeat the government the syrian army must not you know progress or or it's advice to or must be stopped and so on and so forth so. this to say or defeat in
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a sense has really thrown open all the hidden issues that where you know they were trying to impress. the world by by hiding and claiming that basically the they want a better life our friends are saying that because rebels have been weakened after the battle of course there'll be tougher to bring into the no shading table do you think the peace conference is now in jeopardy. i think in a sense that that weakening the rebels on the ground may actually be a positive thing in any political dialogue or a new political negotiations because those people have the power to stifle or kill any political process so there are all of invincibility really there aura of invisibility should be reduced it could be it for the political representatives of the opposition to have any meaningful say in
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a negotiation table and actually being able to keep their words afterwards but as long as there are promises of weaponry and support towards those rebels on the ground without that they won't go to the table anymore at all in fact with the ideology behind what they're been doing since the very beginning especially. affiliated groups they are not interested in negotiating with the regime anymore or the syrian government at all they see it as an infidel regime that must be toppled no matter what last week a top rebel commander said the opposition won't attend the proposed geneva negotiations at all they get a new supply of arms and ammunition do you think they may get those supplies. well what we understand is that the western powers specially france and the u.k. the u.s. have been you know quite a little bit recently about this but they're really interested in the u.s. at this sort of the u.k.
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and france is supplying weaponry to the to the rebels unfortunately though with the rise of this very extreme right wing islamic faction that we see day after day especially with the open rallies that we see in in the gulf at the moment it is you know these weapons if not downed for europe we're going to affect europe one way or the other there is a lot of rising tension in europe against the minorities the islamic minorities and so on and muslims do not really want these right right wing its three most to be their representatives muslims in general are. moderate people and those rightly exclude extremists have been on the sidelines for centuries now and somebody by providing them with the weaponry and all the media know the funding is giving them you know. an opportunity to shine and claim they are becoming heroes and so on and this is changing the nature of the societies not only in the region in the middle
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east region but also in europe and we may see more bloodshed in the streets of europe as a result of this right political analyst amar walk off live in london thanks for your time thank you very much. take a look now at some other stories making global headlines this hour a motorbike bombing arrest a part of southern afghanistan killed two people and injured fifteen when it blew up in a crowded marketplace there's less than twenty four hours after another suicide explosion claim allies or seventeen people at the supreme court in the capital kabul in recent weeks there's been a wave of attacks by taliban forces and other militants are against afghan security forces pushing violence there to a twelve year high. french air traffic controllers in their. second day of a strike causing more than one thousand nine hundred flight cancellations workers oppose e.u. plans to centralize european airspace rather than leave each nation to control its own skies were no way workers also expected to walk out thursday leaving much of the country's transport routes paralyzed. egypt's president says all options are
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open when dealing with a threat to the country's water supply ethiopia currently building a four point two billion dollar hydroelectric station that threatens to cause egypt to lose up to twenty percent of its not all water over the next five years ethiopia slammed the president's accusations as irresponsible saying it plans to continue with the project. with tensions in the region high israelis are used to living under a constant threat of conflict but how prepared are the people of israel should they come under attack or his policy or takes a look. israel is the most fertile and country in the world with or about fifty to thanks to thousands of rockets. into israel and this is the reason why we have to be prepared but if the bombs start falling the only thing menachem penske can do is pray because like other orthodox jews this father of two is bristling with anger he's had to choose potentially save his life
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with a government supplied gas mask or keep it off and rely on prayer as things stand he can't do both i cannot cut off my beard to fit the gas mask the beard is part of being a jew growing a beard falls on the respect of human life and i should not be forced to remove it in times of war just because the gas mask the government gives me doesn't fit over it but even if you are a clean shaven israeli only slightly more than half the population has a gas mask and if that's not indication enough recent drills organized by the home front were ignored by most people around the residence and most people here will tell you that in times of war they know they miss grammont the gas mask if they have one and one interesting case but what happens after that no one seems to have a clue no one is olbermann is typical she lives on the second floor of an apartment block with no shelter or any idea of where to find one i think i was supposed to go
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to the stairs or something i don't really know i have my get my guess mess. and i'm supposed to have it somewhere but they don't really take it it's not as if the powers that be are unaware of the threats a record number of exhibitors converged on television recently hosting the largest offensive expose the country seen in years a wake up call that citizens need to be protected or an air of. the. priorities. priorities because of this it's never enough. a lot of your brother would be but that's still no excuse complain raise it in sophistries village not far from these radio lebanese border forty percent of israel's arab population are without shelters and when dozens of his bill missiles rained down here during the last may been on war there was only one public shelter to protect five thousand people. without
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a doubt the state is the only responsible and guilty party in the past people were caught in the line of fire like slaves as targets without today this is the situation for out of citizens who live in israel's north we're human shields in the face of any intensive rocket fire on the country which just goes to show that behind the glass of israel's well punished military facade the population dangerously exposed. tel aviv. it's all for me for now my colleague andrew farmer will be up with more news about thirty minutes up next though more gas getting hot under the collar people bells cross-talk stay with us. mission free accreditation free in-store chargers free. range month
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from canada. giant corporations are the day. please. follow and welcome to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle manufacturing consent for determining a foreign policy consensus in washington in the halls of power in western capitals drive foreign policy decisions particularly when it comes to iran israel and syria is public opinion constructed to fit the interests of special groups and lobbies and is american foreign policy in the country's own interest.


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